Interesting first visit to The Startup Building co-working space in Provo today to attend a Million Cups event. I met the building owner, Tom, and his family who seem to have made the space quite successful in the 4 years that they have owned it. Surprisingly, ‘Startup’ is the name of the family that started a chocolate company in the building 100+ years ago, and are still producing today.

I got a quick tour after the Million Cups event and was impressed by the number of entrepreneurs and students who have made this building in Provo their home.

One of the great things is the location. Right across the street from the Frontrunner train stop. Sure made getting to and from the event easy!

Meeting space:

Startup meeting room.jpg

Along the Wasatch Range you almost always have a view:

Startup building with view.jpg

More information on the co-working space is here Startup Building

Annual Performance Review Time

credit office space

I just got my performance review. I’m still trying to figure out if I did OK or if I need to find a new job. Here is the summary section – tell me what I should do.

Jim needs to get out of his silo and work on some cross-functional synergies so we have alignment on the world-class operating rhythm around the white space opportunities that out disruptive technology allows. That is – if you accept the key learnings from out recent buzz session about our architectural entitlement that we benchmarked vis-a-vis the voice of the customer analysis that should give us a significant force multiplier if we can connect the dots and get to the end state we see in the adjacent markets. If Jim can focus on his core competence and particularly on projects in his wheelhouse he will likely achieve escape velocity in his career as I believe he has demonstrated full-spectrum leadership abilities.

Corporate Training Day


Now that you have completed this course you should be able to:

  • Pepper your language with various buzzwords and TLA’s that give you a false sense of competence
  • Show understanding of process methodologies that align to the company’s core vision and give you validated ways to slow progress
  • Articulate the Product Development and Release process and ignore the fact that we don’t really follow it

Cross-continuum Collaboration

So he hates being called ‘my old friend, Andy’ but the other night, my old friend Andy passed on a few nuggets of corporate obfuscation from the large multi-national he works for. Following is one of the best. This comes from an email from HR announcing a new hire:

‘In this new role, she will drive the alignment of internal business operations to enable cross-continuum collaboration in the business unit’.

The thing that amuses me is that NOBODY talks like this in real life. You only see this type of BS in corporate videos and press releases. Can you imagine some HR VP speaking like this at home with the family?

So if you have a translation for this help me out.

Never worked in a building so big that…

… I needed a map to navigate. Seriously – there is a site on our Intranet to enter names of people or rooms so you can navigate to them. The building is 280,000 sq. ft. and I’m just happy when I find my desk every morning. Something like 220,000 sq. ft on the 1st floor and 60,000 on the 2nd floor. At my last company I could stand up and see everyone I worked with except the 2 guys in the machine shop.