Corporate Training Day


Now that you have completed this course you should be able to:

  • Pepper your language with various buzzwords and TLA’s that give you a false sense of competence
  • Show understanding of process methodologies that align to the company’s core vision and give you validated ways to slow progress
  • Articulate the Product Development and Release process and ignore the fact that we don’t really follow it

Phone Bank Get-Out-the-Vote Report


Calling to get the vote out for Measure Q once a week over the last month. Mostly I get reasonably friendly people who are interested to hear about this Open Space measure and, of course, some who aren’t. I get the occasional hang up but surprisingly, nobody rude. Often people answered the phone but said they were busy. I resisted the urge to say ‘You don’t HAVE to answer the phone’. I got one weird one on the final night. I give my spiel and the voter on the other end says ‘I haven’t had a chance to research any of the issues because Halloween is a big deal for me’. I was a little surprised that Dracula was on the voting rolls┬ábut I guess just about anything goes in the Bay Area.