March for Science – Bend, Oregon Edition

2018-04-14 10.34.55

Nice to see such a strong turnout at the March for Science event in Bend today with so many passionate, creative people attending.

Following are some of the signs:

2018-04-14 10.00.15

2018-04-14 10.01.17

2018-04-14 10.13.58-1

2018-04-14 10.37.37

2018-04-14 10.26.15

Bend Trail Work

2018-04-07 11.41.16

I’ve landed in Bend in the last month and I think we’re going to stay for a while. Being on the move for the last 13 months has been fun and rewarding but it’s time to stay somewhere for a bit longer and Bend feels like the right spot.

I’m fortunate to find a number of volunteer opportunities and particularly to find that COTA (Central Oregon Trail Alliance) is such a force for good here. They have been creating and maintaining trails for over 25 years and seem to be very well organized.

Yesterday, I joined a group of about 20 other trail workers to get our Level 1 Trail Steward Training. Everyone seemed to have experience and we made fast work of repairs on the COD trail. It made for a fun and rewarding day – I’ll definitely be back.

2018-04-07 11.41.19