Conversation Hearts for Seniors

Like many, I remember the candy hearts pictured above, from my youth, many, many years ago. However, I’m surprised the sayings haven’t been updated for those of us who fall into the category that I will label as ‘old’.

How about the following updates for us Seniors?

  • Have you seen my glasses?
  • What?
  • Take your Beano!
  • Call my phone
  • What does DM mean?
  • What’s that smell?

Any sayings you would add?




Me: Hey Jim- How was the weekend?
Jim: Great – I got engaged!
Me: What? To that woman you split up with a few months ago?
Jim: Yeah – that’s right.
Me: So what happened?
Jim: Well I found out the reason she was so crazy when we were living together was that she thought I wasn’t committed to the relationship.
Me: Uh, yeah, that makes ….. uh ….. sense.
Jim: That’s right. So when I proposed she realized I was committed.
Me: Wow – that’s great. How long were you guys dating?
Jim: 9 years
Me: Man – I can’t see why she didn’t think you were committed – dating someone for 9 years sounds like commitment to me.