More Spanish Street Art

We’re back in Madrid this week and enjoying just walking around – there is no lack of interesting barrios to visit

2018-01-08 17.23.24

2018-01-08 17.22.21

2018-01-08 17.23.29

And this one in Alcala da Henares (birthplace of Cervantes) with a nod to Don Quixote

2018-01-20 15.34.14

And I love this symbol of the University of Alcala showing the storks that you see everywhere on tall buildings throughout the city

2018-01-20 15.25.23

Salamanca Street Art

As part of our Spanish class this week we had an ‘art treasure hunt’ in the ‘Del Oeste’ neighborhood of Salamanca with a number of classmates. The Barrio Del Oeste is well-known for an abundance of art and I had a great time walking around.

2017-12-20 18.37.07-1
2017-12-20 18.34.10-2
2017-12-20 18.28.48-1
2017-12-20 18.28.05-1
2017-12-20 18.38.10-2
2017-12-20 18.31.29-1

This is a detail from a poster on a wall, not an actual art piece, but I liked the way it looked

2017-12-20 18.31.07-2

The following shots are from other locations in Salamanca. It truly is an amazing city to visit. History everywhere you look and the city is always changing – never static.

2017-12-13 12.39.09-2
2017-12-17 12.50.15-1


Another Day, Another Ham

I knew ham was important in Spain but I had no idea how important until we had spent a few weeks here. It’s part of every celebration and seemingly every dish, and it is wonderful. Here it is being served at the fiesta at our school – ‘Jornada de Puertas Abiertas’ or Open House

My Morning Walk In Salamanca

Salamanca is our home for 2 weeks as we attend our second language school. It is a beautiful, compact city with a lot of history and it’s a bit amazing that I get to walk through it every day.

Following are a few pictures of my walk from our apartment to the school.

I approach the Plaza Mayor through one of the historic gates every morning


The Plaza Mayor is prettier at night when it is illuminated but I like it when the delivery vans have arrived to make their early morning deliveries. After a few weeks in Spain I’m sure that the most important thing to replenish is the ham!


There are multiple historic figures arrayed around the Plaza. I tell myself I will read about each one, but I haven’t done it yet


I’m always encountering street art in Spain – along with graffiti of course


A short walk North of the Plaza Mayor I always enjoy the elegance of this building


And, of course, there are churches and cathedrals galore in Spain. Below is the Parroquia de San Juan de Sahagún


And the doors often intrigue me the most


And just before I arrive at school I pop in at the Vasco de Gama cafe. I figure it was good enough for him it will work for me, too