Enve RSR Handlebar Long-Term Review


Photo Courtesy of Annoyed Cyclist Photography School

It’s carbon. So it’s light and strong. I’ve been riding these bars for 2 years and they are like new. Realistically, I’ll never break them since they were probably designed for people who get more than 1 foot of air.

They are 740mm wide which is perfect. Unless you like narrower bars. Or wider bars. I just don’t want to bash trees. Because the trees always win.

It has sweep and rise (I’m sure the Enve website has some numbers) and magically my hands land right on the grips. I’m guessing your hands will find the bars, too.


The graphics – white on black

The graphics are understated. When I bought these bars that was cool. Now I’m not so sure – seems like Neon is big right now.