Another Great Build Day at Demo

On Saturday February 28, I showed up at Demo for a build day. The weather forecast was a bit sketchy with the possibility of showers and even hail. I thought this might hold down the volunteer numbers but I was so wrong. I was told the count was almost 70. The whole group got a short orientation in the parking lot before heading down the fire road to the bottom.

Thankfully we had a few dogs along for entertainment. They enjoy the forest as much as we do and have the added benefit of not having to do any manual labor.

After a short hike to segment 4 we grabbed tools and got some safety instruction for our group from Mark Davidson – MBOSC el Presidente.

Then we spent the next 4-5 hours cutting and shaping. It’s always amazing that a bare sketch of a trail can get transformed so quickly into a fun berm ready to shred.

And the reward is a quick test ride before we headed back up the hill for some BBQ and refreshments.

Thanks to MBOSC and the BBQ crew for a great day of work. We at SVMTB sponsored the build day and appreciate the hard work of all the volunteers to make this trail come true.

We only had about 15 minutes of moderate rain while we were working but when we got back to the parking lot just after 3 it really turned on and kept up until we left just before 5. It was our first test of the SVMTB EZ-Up and we picked a perfect time for it.

MBOSC has several more build days coming up this year. If you ride Demo and want to see the Flow Trail completed, check out the calendar at Volunteer Trail Work Days and come out and lend a hand.

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