Wolf Tooth Cycling Components 1X10 Conversion – Update

42T cog with ano wear
This is my follow-up review after almost 5 months of riding the 1X10 setup I first reviewed here May Review

I’ve only logged 192 miles since I put on the 42T cog and 30T chainring. My Yeti is my trail bike and mostly used for more technical riding and my longer and less technical rides are on my 29er hardtail.

You’ll see in the picture above that the anodize is wearing off the teeth on the rear cog but that’s expected with ‘cosmetic’ anodize and shouldn’t affect the wear rate of the aluminum. If you see a sharp tooth profile where the shifting ramp is, that is stock and not from wear. So I anticipate I’ll get quite a few miles out of this cog. Riding around the Bay Area is mostly dry and dusty until the Winter rains come so I don’t know if I would see more wear in muddy conditions.

The front 30T chainring shows anodize wear also, but a bit less than the rear cog (I imagine because there is no shifting going on at the front).

Performance during this time has been as good as my first ride. Not a single missed shift or a dropped chain. I didn’t install any kind of chain guard since I wanted to see how the narrow/wide chainring and clutch derailleur worked and it’s been perfect. I ride fairly technical trails on this bike but I don’t spend much time in the air so if you’re doing a lot of big drops and jumps ‘your performance may vary’.

So I consider it a great upgrade. And I would never go back to a multi-chainring drive train for a trailbike – the simplicity and performance of this setup is great.

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