Another Great Flow Trail Build Day


I went up for my second build day at the Soquel Demo Forest to work on the Flow Trail. MTBR sponsored the event and got the word out and there must have been 60 volunteers. The photo above shows the crew just downhill from us working on the berm for a 180 degree turn.

Below is a section of trail we worked on during the day. Very satisfying to get to a section of trail that isn’t rideable in the morning and seeing it get sculpted and shaped and almost ready to ride. I only wish I could see so much progress in a few hours at my day job

sculpted trail

Patty Ciesla started things off in the parking lot and she got the ‘Jesus Light’ treatment. Must be a sign that we’re doing the right thing


One of the things I like about working in the forest is seeing some unusual equipment. Pictured below is a hydraulic conveyor that the guys cutting firewood use to get the logs from where they are cutting up to the road.


Then there is the powered wheelbarrow that is sized perfectly for tight singletrack. It runs on rubber tank tracks so can go just about anywhere


Very satisfying day of work and great to see passionate riders out there giving back to the sport for others to enjoy. And big thanks to for sponsoring both days of the weekend!

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