Soquel Demonstration Forest Flow Trail Build Day

Walk to the site

Really great to actually get some digging time at the Flow Trail! I had seen the plans but had not seen the trail until Saturday when I went out for the first official volunteer trail building day. A lot of work had already been done to machine-cut the trail but there is still more on tap to shape the trail and provide good drainage. When it’s all done we’ll have 4 miles of berms, rollers and other features to keep us entertained. It’s great to see this happening for Mountain Bikers.

Seeing ~35 volunteers turn out was impressive and we had a large selection of tools to pick from:


I was told that over 30 volunteer crew leaders had been trained over the last few months. The crew leaders for my team were Robert and my old friend Norm. After a safety discussion we grabbed a selection of tools and walked down to our section of trail where we discussed the work we had to do for the day.

That’s Norm on the left and Robert on the right at our lunch break. In the middle was Dirk who was another volunteer.

Lunch Break

The Stewards of Soquel Forest sponsored the workday which meant they had plenty of good food and drink both before and after our effort.

And we had 3 trail dogs along to entertain us. I didn’t get the name of this little fella but he was having a good time and those little legs of his were working overtime.

Mutant Dog

Keep an eye out on if you would like to help out on the next dig day on March 8 & 9

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