So the Sierra Club uses…

… a Mountain Bike in this logo but has consistently pursued policies detrimental to riders.


I guess it’s good for their fundraising efforts since most riders care about the environment.

But if you are passionate about riding dirt, why would you give money to an organization that has reduced the number of trails you can ride? Regardless of the spin the National organization puts out, the reality is that their policies work against you, and some of the local chapters want to see bikes banished from all but the tamest of fire roads.

Please think about it before you donate.

One thought on “So the Sierra Club uses…

  1. I’ve heard this argument several times before. I also like to mountain bike and I am a member of the Sierra Club. My boyfriend is an avid mountain biker and dirt biker and he is very annoyed that I donate to the Sierra Club. I see the point, however overall I like what the organization stands for.


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