Print is NOT dead…


For guidebooks at least.
This was our first trip relying chiefly on e-books downloaded onto my Android phone or my wife’s Kindle. Since we are visiting 3 countries it allowed us to keep our travel weight down and they proved great for research before we left.
However, as much as I like e-books for other reading they just don’t cut it for guidebooks when you’re on the road. The 2 major deficiencies relate to speed of access. On the e-reader, guidebook maps need to be double-clicked which means no easy back and forth between text and the map as in print. Then, just quick access and flipping to a marked section is slower with an e-book. Search is quite fast on the Kindle but dreadfully slow on my Android Kindle app. I keep going back to my print guide (thank you Mountain View library) as it’s quicker every time.
Other apps I’ve tried are of limited value also. Triposo has a great premise but coverage of sites we want to visit in Cambodia and Laos is a bit limited and it appears that their model is based on generating revenue from hotel booking rather than extensive advice on sightseeing options which admittedly generate little revenue for them. Trip Advisor has been quite good for hotels and restaurants even in relatively out-of-the-way spots (but not Si Phan Don where we are now)
So it seems that we’re stuck with stitching together a number of solutions into a whole at this point.

Does anyone out there have other methods you use while on the road?

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