The More Things Change…


It has been 23 years since our many-months long journey through SE Asia and the most stunning change has been the digital one. Back in 1991 we travelled with guidebooks,  a film camera and pencil & paper. This time we have one Kindle, 2 smartphones, 1 digital camera and we’re traveling digitally light compared to some tourists on our boat from Siem Reap to Battambang.
A couple a few seats from us have a laptop and a tablet and have been engaged in a movie or 2 for most of our 6 hour trip through Tonle Sap lake. The family of 4 across from us have devices for each kid and the family just up from them upped the ante with a portable espresso maker (some kind of pump contraption).
Happily all but the movie watching couple spent time siteseeing from the roof of the boat and enjoyed the chance to see how people lived in these floating villages.
The things that haven’t changed about this type of travel is the freeing experience of leaving so much real and mental baggage at home and the smiles and playfulness of the kids even amongst great poverty.

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