Don’t! The Petaluma Version

My wife and I stopped for lunch at  Petaluma’s Putnam Plaza Park (their alliteration, not mine) yesterday. A nice, small park surrounded by shops and quite busy in the summer but not so much on Thanksgiving Day. I never noticed on previous visits but I was taken aback by the number of signs telling us what NOT to do. I imagine by law the city has to have signs visible from all entry points but I counted 8 signs pretty much saying the same thing in this little square that was at most 500 sq. ft. Certainly took away from the small-town charm. There were signs for the park hours and No Smoking signs.


One sign that covered skating, bicycling, littering and spitting (I assume against the individual activities but possibly they were discouraging doing all 4 at once).


And finally there was a No alcohol and drugs sign at the Tattoo shop. I won’t say anything about how one or both are probably a necessary ingredient for someone to visit a tattoo shop


Finally, the local pie shop put up a sign affirming my right to sit and eat pie. That’s a message I can get behind.


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